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Finding Normalcy

We are all experiencing "now" in our own way(s), and no one should feel the need to justify (or worse, argue against another) our thoughts/feelings/stance, etc.

Everyone has valuable feedback that we each should consider no matter of our personal beliefs/convictions/etc...


By definition--We are ALL experiencing this. In a sense, a "Butterfly effect" to the "power of [however many people exist at the time of reading this]."

Personal opines are not useful during a Pandemic...universal solutions are, however.

Stop fighting and arguing a personal stance and start seeking opportunities for us all to re-learn how to take pride for our collective survival and eventual recovery.

Pandemic = All of us.

Anti-Pandemic = "Golden Rule" (revised)...

"Help every person in the same way I hope everyone will help me." (My humble revision during OUR difficult time).

Stop thinking about a "new normal"...FIND NORMALCY.

~ Matt

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