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When we empower ourselves to make choices and changes for our own happiness, we take control and give our life the Greenlight.

Why Greenlight?

This is where people come to get unstuck.  Those that have grown weary from red lights...especially the ones that keep us from our destinations, EVERYDAY.


Stop fighting your curious desire to talk about where you are and why you're still stuck at that same damn redlight. 


Converse with someone that strives to get others unstuck from their muck, so that you're able to find a different route with more greenlights.


I know you can get through this, but I want you to believe what I already know. Let me prove it to you. Take the leap...I dare you.

Meet Matthew

As a Counselor, I stress the importance of developing a trusting relationship with my clients with the purpose of helping them understand the origin and nature of their issues and concerns so that we can overcome them.

When we appropriately challenge ourselves to make choices and changes for our own happiness, we can begin to live the life we want and not have to suffer through a life that we don’t.


Practice Areas


Individual Counseling



Brief Counseling


Personality Disorders


Family Counseling


Men's Issues
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